I specialise in location portraiture, which means the images are individual to you, as your home or favourite place can be used as a setting for the shoot.

Indoor photographs will be undertaken using a lighting set up and backgrounds if necessary, but although they will be directed the emphasis is on making the experience an enjoyable one and to record the people involved in a natural, relaxed and fun way. If possible a garden space will be used to create a unique backdrop and is especially good when photographing children as they tend to be more relaxed in the outdoors.

It is encouraged to use different outfits for the photo shoot so you can show a variety of different looks. If you are musical or sporty or if you have anything that is important in your life it can be incorporated into the photographs. When photographing children, favourite toys and clothes are encouraged so the experience is fun for them and it will help to make them at ease in front of the camera. It will also assist in creating a memory of how they were at that age.

My flexible approach ensures that a stylish and refreshingly informal set of images will be produced as a record of that moment in your life.

Photographs are available in colour, black and white or toned, retouching is available.