Nursery Photography

My approach to photographing children is relaxed and informal with the aim being to capture them in a fun and natural way. If possible I try to use an outdoor or garden environment, as generally children are more relaxed with more space around them. Favourite toys or outfits are encouraged and other members of the family or siblings are also able to be included in the photographs. This approach and style of photography will ensure parents have a lasting memory of their child in their pre-school years.

Approx a week after the photographs are taken a contact sheet and order form with the photographs will be produced to be given to parents to view and choose which images they would like to order.

As well as the order forms being supplied, the pictures will be available to view online using a secure login code only given to the Nursery. Parents can choose from options including various sizes as well as colour or black and white prints.

All photographs are mounted in a contemporary plain white/cream mount.

Print Packages

Package 12 – 4x6” Prints£12
Package 22 – 7x5” Prints£15
Package 32 – 6x4” Prints, 1 -7x5” Print, 1 -10x8” Print£22