On the 25th January I photographed the wonderful Ramsey family. This was my second visit to their home in Bathford. The first was when Tisha was just 6 months old and now at 1 1/2 she was toddling about and chattering away and has really changed and grown since my last visit.

Family Portrait

Anastasia loves to incorporate props into her photographs so she had collected a few outfits and vintage/country themed items that we were able to use and I brought in some brightly coloured helium balloons for Tisha to hold as a little extra. I love it when clients have lots of ideas as it really adds their personality to the photographs.

Family Photography

The shoot was a nice mixture of indoor and outdoor with the whole family including ‘Laura’ the doggie joining in too!!

We had such a great time with little Tisha being very well behaved and patient with all the outfit changes and different set ups and I hope I captured a great memory of their little family. Thank you Ramseys for being such a fun and creative family!

Family Portrait